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Initial system modeling results indicate that the use of a hybrid heat rejection system comprising a sensible heat rejection device located upstream and in series with an open cooling tower can significantly reduce both the annual water consumption and operational cost relative to the existing traditional cooling tower system.
They also developed the full heat rejection system simulation program.
Install a new heat rejection system that uses cooling towers.
Changes also incorporated a reworking of the heat rejection system to allow a 10% smaller radiator package to be used, said Perkins.
For repetitive power-pulse durations of less than 30 minutes, thermal storage is beneficial in reducing the heat rejection system weight for the assumed specific masses of radiators, thermal buses and thermal storage system.
However, the heat rejection system may have better performance if the outdoor temperature in cooling season is lower than that of Toronto.
Deshpande, has announced that the contract for the final design and procurement of ITER's Component Cooling Water, Chilled Water, and Heat Rejection systems has been awarded to the Indian company Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Ltd, the company also retained for the manufacture of the ITER cryostat.
2], the MA Series offers the ability to match thermoelectric cooling designs more easily to heat sources and existing convection-based heat rejection systems.
If server inlet temperatures are allowed to occasionally rise to the upper end of the recommended range, refrigeration may be eliminated from data center heat rejection systems in many cities around the globe.