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The Fire is located at the center of the atrium as the most critical case for smoke layer height occurs when the fire is placed at the center of the atrium [1].The fire is simulated as unsteady fire with dimensions 2 m x 2 m, maximum heat release rate 5 MW [2] and fast growth rate with 330 seconds ramp up time [3] Exhaust fans are sized to extract amount of smoke sufficient to keep the smoke layer at 22 meter from the base of fire according to the below equations
For gas burners with constant heat release rate, Wan et al.
The heat release rate (HRR) of the fire is set at 10 MW according to the pool fire model of leaked jet fuel [19] and to attain its maximal value at 237 seconds.
Heat release rate (HRR), total heat release (THR), and time to ignition were collected by the computer connected to the cone calorimeter.
From these changes in temperature and velocity in Figure 10, it can be concluded that the stack effect begins to occur at about 70 s and almost completely forms when the hot smokes spread to the twelfth of stairwell at 140 s, and then all the parameters have little change, but the temperature of T11 fluctuates significantly after 350 s, a possible explanation for this is that the heat release rate of fire source show a great fluctuation under the influence of the transverse air flow, which will be proved in the following section about mass loss rate.
A "product" species is also introduced at a rate proportional to the heat release rate.
Different fire properties of the asphalts were evaluated, such as time to ignition (TTI), heat release rate (HRR), effective heat combustion (EHC), CO yield (COY), total heat release (THR), and total smoke release (TSR) (see Table 4).
The specific heat release rate (HRR) and maximum specific heat release rate ([HRR.sub.max]) were determined.
Flame Retardancy and Peak Heat Release Rate. Flame retardancy and resistance to thermal degradation were two important characteristics significantly useful in numerous applications of polymeric materials.
The Analysis of Heat Release Rate in the Engine's Cylinder Based on the results of the tests, it was determined that the changes in the main heat release rate characteristics of a diesel engine converted to biofuel are mainly related to the following factors:
When combined with HAR (high aspect ratio) talc, Firebrake ZB demonstrates synergistic effects that result in a significant increase in char thickness and a sharp reduction in heat release rate. More info: Rio Tinto Minerals, +44 (0)20 7781 2000; Web: