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where, [rho], c and k represents the material density, specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity, respectively; T(x, y, z, t) represents the temperature field; t represents the heat transfer time; [bar.q] represents the internal heat source intensity; x, y, z represents the coordinate axis direction.
Looking at the cumulative heat amounts during the experimental period, the proportions for each heat source were 40% for the SSHP, 59% for the GHEX-2, and 11% for the GHEX-1 (Figure 3(a)).
When the heat source is placed on the table the upward moving hot buoyant plume from the heat source pushes the downward moving cold air from the diffuser.
Many researchers sum up some combination heat source models for pulsed Nd:YAG laser welding or C[O.sub.2] laser welding.
For the second heat source, we observe that the largest value of local Nusselt number is on a distance after the leading edge of the source, as shown in figure (6) and for all range of Reynolds number.
The incense stick is denoted by the solid black line vertically above the heat source. At time [t.sub.1] > t0, the incense stick starts to smolder and eventually starts to burn at time [t.sub.2].
Caption: Mount Adams (background) has an obvious heat source, but Mount St.
2), where low-grade heat source (ground water), transmits heat to freon in the evaporator 2, the freon is boiling, and that steam absorbed with compressor 1, it is compressed.
As heat sources go in the academic science laboratory, the alcohol lamp has remained the old standby for many years.
It doesn't really matter since great grilling has nothing to do with the heat source and everything to do with the grate --where the meat meets the heat and the actual cooking takes place, and that's the place where you want GrillGrate, the interlocking panels that work on any grill to form a new grill surface.
For example on page 13 it states the following: "We are proposing a PS340,000 investment in a feasibility study to potentially convert waste energy into a heat source for use or sale".