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HAZHeat Affected Zone
HAZHannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (German newspaper)
HAZHealth Action Zone (est. 1977; initiative; UK)
HAZHazardous Cargo
HAZHIV/AIDS Zimbabwe (charity)
HAZHazleshurst (Amtrak station code; Hazlehusrt, MS)
HAZHike Arizona (online forum)
HAZHAWK Assignment Zone
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Some significant changes occur in heat affected zone (HAZ) [6, 7].
It is found that the laser power has dominant effect on heat affected zone for all thermoplastics.
68), concluded that the typical microstructures in the heat affected zone of welds with the best strength performance consisted of four regions, as shown in a simplistic cartoon in Fig.
The microstructure of heat affected zone as shown in Figure 5, while the heat-affected zone can clearly see the martensite appears.
Attention should be given to the unusually high plasticity and toughness of the metal in the heat affected zone.
The acknowledged mechanism of creep in seam welds is the development of cavities (cavitation) around nonmetallic inclusions and carbides on the grain boundaries in the fine-grained heat affected zone (HAZ) or fusion zone of the seam weld (Fig.
In another CANMET/MTL paper on weld cracking in the heat affected zone of aluminum bronze (C95800) (01-108), Sahoo, M.
This minimizes the heat affected zone and cools the puddle so it won't roll out of the joint.
Such as heat affected zone (HAZ), nugget zone and thermo mechanical affected zone (TMAZ) due to frictional heat generation between the tool and work piece.
Thermal sprays are costly and messy, Carbinite is similar to arc welding, but with a low heat affected zone, there is no “spray” and no mess
Schlett and Bush [8] were dealing with this problem on the weld joints and heat affected zone of the turbine disc because of the sulphur accumulation on the weld surfaces, residual stress and lowered capability of forming of weld joints.