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The system automatically activates the circulation of the acidic substance when production line comes to a stop, in order to ensure the highest heat exchange efficiency.
Many authors paid attention to the study of the formation sediment process at the heat exchange tubes.
diffusive heat exchange (conduction) in the fluid, in the walls of the pipes and of the heater;
We have come to realise that the FIRS Unicus is the ideal technology for evaporation of fouling liquids and large duty heat exchange applications with difficult fluids.
All water management systems in Namibia are serviced by Heat Exchange Products through the provision of expertise advice, engineering equipment and all relevant chemical products in the following fields: cooling systems that require chemicals to combat corrosion, scale deposits and bacteriological proliferation (algae/ bacterial growth); potable water-plants, making use of a water plant that comprises a combination of filtration, flocculation and disinfection; flocculation systems; disinfection chemicals, and chemicals to combat corrosion and scale deposition in boiler systems.
As the exhaust valve opens at the bottom of the stroke, the returning piston thrusts the heat exchange fluid and air out of the engine as cold air.
Key words: heat transfer, heat exchange area, holographic interferometry
In order to improve heat exchange efficiency of surface air cooler, fin is added to the tube to increase the area of heat exchange, but this kind of air cooler is hard to exert its heat exchange efficiency because of bad environment (high dust concentration), for example, one fin type air cooler with 200~300kW cooling capacity in cleaning environment will covered with dust in short time, the cooling capacity will reduce to 50%, and even to 15%.
The addition of Solex further expands our broad family of heat exchange catheters, and provides our customers with more choices in treating their patients.
4,5) Because most of the heat exchange between a cooled floor and the space is by radiation, the air at the ankle level will not be cooled too much due to the low convective heat exchange.
The assigned task may be solved first of all by the model of heat exchange between a pellet being heated and the molten metal (the slag).
To address heat exchange between the part and mold, a new software interface allows the simulation program to use the result of a heat-exchange calculation by standard 3D finite-element software such as Abaqus.