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Input power required to circulate the heat transfer fluid in the entire system also plays an important role while determining the overall performance of a magnetic refrigerator.
NOMENCLATURE Q = Heat output kW (Btu/h) V = Volumetric flow rate of heat transferring fluid [m.sup.3]/s ([in.sup.3]/s) [??] = Density of heat transfer fluid kg/[m.sup.3] (lb/[in.sup.3]) [C.sub.p] = Specific heat capacity of heat transferring fluid kJ/kg.K (Btu/lb-[degrees]F) [DELTA]T = temperature difference between the flow and return K ([degrees]F) ABBREVIATIONS ASHP Air source heat pump BMS Building management system COP Coefficient of performance EST Energy Saving Trust GSHP Ground source heat pump kWh kilo Watt hour RHI Renewable heat incentives REFERENCES
Efficient heat transfer fluids are critical in modern technology, from nuclear reactors to medicine.
If the heat transfer fluid temperature varies significantly from the predicted temperature it is an indication that:
For simulating the freeze-drying process of heat transfer fluid in shelf, determination of flow patterns is the first step.
Missouri Well Construction Rules, "Heat Transfer Fluid," Chapter 5-4.
According to the company, its therminol heat transfer fluid is used in the trough-shaped mirror assemblies to absorb concentrated sunlight, heating up to about 400 degrees Celsius.
Hybrid Solar Power Plants in Morocco and Algeria to Use Solutia's Therminol Heat Transfer Fluid
In the case of flywheel chambers that are submerged in a heat transfer fluid, these feedthroughs must also be leakproof and resistant to whatever fluid is in use.
It is well known that thermal stability is the most important factor in high temperature heat transfer fluid performance and economy.
Dow creates a heat transfer fluid used in secondary fluid refrigeration systems.
A porous, packed bed of magnetic material is exposed to a time-varying magnetic field and flow of heat transfer fluid. Each segment of the bed undergoes a unique refrigeration cycle and interacts with the adjacent material via the heat transfer fluid.