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On the other hand, a review of the gas consumption data revealed that 50,000 kWh were used during January 2014, a 30 day period, which equaled 1,349 heating degree days based on a 60[degrees]F (15.
Heating degree days were 8 percent below the same period in 2016 and 16 percent below normal, resulting in a residential sales decrease of 3 percent and a 1 percent decrease in commercial sales.
Engine heat produces enough hot water to heat the facility's hangar despite being located in a region with over 5,000 heating degree days.
The HMS only effects the heating system's response to cold outdoor air temperature (heating degree days) while other building characteristics, such as the occupancy rate and thermal response, had minimal variations after the retrofit, so a two-parameter model using heating degree days was used:
There were only 24 population-weighted heating degree days last week compared with 64 at the same point last year.
2 cents per kilowatt-hour, and, of course, their heating costs are less than half (2,600 heating degree days v.
To extrapolate annual savings from these two simulated days, while actual heating loads typically correlate with weather conditions and two simulated days do not permit a detailed annualized model, the winter day was used to approximate consumption for all days with average Heating Degree Days (HDD) above 20[degrees]F*day (11[degrees]C*day) while the shoulder season was used to approximate consumption for all days with average HDD 20[degrees]F*day or less (11[degrees]C*day).
7) Consequently, a modest increase in cooling degree days and decrease in heating degree days can also be observed as shown in Figures 3 and 4.
LOGAN, IA: Monthly total heating degree days, [online] [cited 05 October 2012].
There were 20 percent fewer heating degree days in the first half of 2012 than in the first half of 2011, Unitil said.
However, a recent study of the last ten years' heating degree days showed that 80-day hybrids harvested at 35% to 40% moisture content will allow for double-cropping of corn as far north as northern Illinois.
Lower gas therm sales in the Company's utility service territories reflect the effect of warmer temperatures in 2010, where there were approximately 22% and 12% fewer Heating Degree Days in the the three and six month periods, respectively, compared to the prior year.