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This month, Portland-based Clean Energy Works nonprofit is offering homeowners who are converting from oil to another form of heat - or who are doing some other energy remodel - a $500 rebate toward the cost of removing an underground heating oil tank.
This use of DE-OIL-IT could effect immense savings by precluding the need of costly excavation of such sites, including common underground heating oil tank leaks on up to superfund sites.
Joleen Cunningham, a senior officer with the Consumer Council, warned: "People need to make sure their home heating oil tank and the oil being stored in it are both included in their home and contents policy."
The arsonists again used the cover of darkness to place a burning tyre under a heating oil tank.
The vandals, who attacked the house at 2.30am on Saturday, set fire to bins outside and then turned to the heating oil tank which was covered with paper to allow the flames to take hold.
15, 2004, when their son, Paul Jr., then a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, stopped by for a visit and yelled up to ask how many gallons of fuel the heating oil tank held.
Firefighters battled with 20ft flames after a home heating oil tank caught fire.
Patel's store, right next to the store's heating oil tank. A container, which police and fire investigators believe held the accelerant, was found, Chief Wilson said.
Bohnet included failure to provide a toilet and maintain a sewage disposal system in operable condition as required by state law; permitting the heating oil tank and propane tanks to the cited mobile homes to be affected by the ice flow and in danger of being damaged with the release of their contents into the air and on the ground; allowing the second means of egress from the mobile homes to be blocked by the ice flow, which also is affecting the homes' foundations; and permitting the electric meter sockets and electric panels to be slowly submerged by the ice and water, posing a fire and electric shock hazard.