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They flew--that was all right; they flew in machines heavier than air. But they smashed.
Oh hang on, H2S is heavier than air, so surely the correct response would be to go upstairs?
When Lord Kelvin was engaged in the development of the hydroelectric power plant at Niagara, as President of the International Niagara Commission, he wrote, with reference to the use of heat pumps, "When Niagara is set to work for the benefit of North America through electric conductors, it will no doubt be largely employed for the warming of houses over a considerable part of Canada and the United States." Kelvin was infamous in his latter years for making dogmatic statements that proved to be wrong, such as "X-rays will prove to be a hoax;" "Radio has no future;" and perhaps most famously "Heavier than air flying machines are impossible." However, in the case of Niagara and heat pumps the verdict seems to be "not yet."
The victims talked of the fog that hung close to the ground -- a possible indication that it was chlorine, which is heavier than air.
Rooms above ground level are best for chemical spills because some chemicals are heavier than air and could sink.
Massive air drops of atropine, the antidote to sarin, and leaflets advising people to move to the upper floors of houses, as sarin is heavier than air, should be the minimum humanitarian response.
Since these molecules are heavier than air, they tend to fall back onto the surface of the part outside of the bond line in the form of white flakes.
One of Art Smith's earliest aerial attempts pays homage to the inventors of heavier than air controlled powered flight.
Shaped like giant, inflatable plane wings, hybrid air vehicles (HAV) are heavier than air, so once resting on the ground, they don't need to be tied down to prevent them floating away, eliminating the need for ground support.
Scientists consider Titan to be distinctively suited for heavier-than-air craft - the moon's gravity is relatively low, but its atmosphere is thick, which implies that a heavier than air craft such as Aviatr could stay airborne for longer.
Now CO2 is a heavy gas, about 40 per cent heavier than air, and tends to lie on the surface of the earth unless it is stirred up, so if we had the opposite sort of crisis, where we actually wanted to create as much global warming as possible, what should we do?
It is these drawings which lift the whole book; they appear technically accurate and yet also convey the human fascination with the lines, shapes and the match of purpose with perfection of form of these heavier than air creations.