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[5.] Sonex Research, "Sonex Two-Stroke Heavy Fuel Engine Technology," http://www.sonexresearch.com, accessed: May 2016.
"With multiple systems to be delivered in Q3 this year, the Royal Canadian Navy have secured a maritime UAV platform that not only includes our heavy fuel engine manufactured by German-based Hirth Engines, but also has an ability to carry multiple payloads."
The Falco EVO configuration used in the program includes a high-definition infrared optical system , a satellite data link over the line of sight (Beyond-Line-Data-Of-Sight - BLOS), a new propulsion system based on a heavy fuel engine, an automatic identification system (AIS) and a complete communications suite .
A heavy fuel engine is an important consideration as it can provide commonality with ship fuel, and other aircraft operated from a vessel while also being potentially safer regarding ignition points compared to other aviation fuels.: "It is well known that to operate on (vessels), the unmanned aerial vehicle in question needs to operate on heavy fuel," David Willems, business development director at UMS Skeldar, told/lrmacfa: "The S-100 does not operate on a heavy fuel engine.
In addition, a heavy fuel engine has now been verified through extensive flight trials and an upgraded next generation version of the original design aviation fuel engine has been delivered and is now cleared for flight test.
Singapore Airshow, Feb 16, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - ST Aerospace and Cosworth Group (Cosworth) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly develop heavy fuel engine systems for unmanned systems customers in the Asia Pacific markets.
The system incorporates the purpose-built Lycoming EL-005 Heavy Fuel Engine for benchmark-setting reliability and performance.
It also has a Thielert Centurion heavy fuel engine with auto restart, TALS (Tactical Automatic Landing System), the Northrop Grumman ZPY-1 STARLite lightweight (30 kg) radar with Sar/GMTI facilities, the Raytheon AAS-52 MTS (Multi-spectral Targeting System), fuel jettison capability, datalink encryption, and self-destruct provisions.
The prototype Sonex heavy fuel engine (HFE) conversion involved installation of the proprietary Soxex Combustion System (SCS) heavy fuel technology, which still allows spark-ignition and the use of existing carburetion.
Contract Awarded for Supply of Hermes 900 HFE (Heavy Fuel Engine) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and an advanced ground segment for command, control and communications.
The Shadow MkII (M2) has increased fuel, a long-span blended wing, and a new Lycoming heavy fuel engine. Endurance is increased from nine to 15 hours.
Piston GA would have little voice in the fuel spec and because Lycoming doesn't like those odds, it's demurring on a heavy fuel engine for now.