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HIFHypoxia Inducible Factor
HIFHokkaido International Foundation (Japan)
HIFHyper-G Interchange Format
HIFHousing Inspection Foundation
HIFHeavy Ion Fusion
HIFHosei International Fund (Hoei University; Japan)
HIFHost Interface
HIFHey, It's Free (website)
HIFHammarby Idrottsförening (Swedish sport team)
HIFHedensted Idraetsforening (Danish football club)
HIFSpace Systems Group, Honeywell Inc. (Florida)
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Furthermore, above the budget request, the agreement provides an additional $1,700,000 for International Research, $8,500,000 for High Energy Density Laboratory Physics, $3,500,000 for Theory, $2,500,000 for Science Discovery through Advanced Computing, $5,000,000 for General Plant Projects, $3,000,(TOO for Enabling Research and Development, $2,500,000 for heavy ion fusion research, and $3,000,000 to support increased computational and advanced measurement capabilities for validated fusion simulation development.
At LBNL, construction had just been completed on a new accelerator facility known as NDCX-II which was to perform experiments relating both to HEDLP and to the development of a technology for initiating inertial confinement fusion reactions using heavy ions, commonly referred to as Heavy Ion Fusion (HIF).
Frank's recognized expertise in diagnostics and his keen insight in interpreting complex data well-qualified him to become task leader for High Energy Density Physics (HEDP) Targets in a 2005 reorganization of the US Heavy Ion Fusion Virtual National Laboratory.
Grant Logan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Director of the Heavy Ion Fusion Virtual National Laboratory, presented the status of the heavy ion fusion program.
The result adds great flexibility for the design of the high energy end of heavy ion fusion drivers for inertial fusion, lowering the cost, and potentially shortening the development timetable, The result is even more impressive when one considers it involves a new approach that was first conceived only 12 months ago.
Heavy Ion Fusion is supported for its contributions to beam and HEDP physics.
Recommendation: The single near-term issue that appears to be most critical for Heavy Ion Fusion is the physics limits to the maximum phase-space density of space-charge-dominated HI beams and the resulting implications for HEDP and fusion ignition.
> Decreased funding for Heavy Ion Fusion at LBNL by $0.5 M
The heavy ion fusion program has made excellent progress in basic beam science.
Grant Logan, Director of the Heavy Ion Fusion (HIF) Virtual National Laboratory, described the status of heavy-ion drivers.