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unidentified persons torched the heavy equipment that were being used in the road asphalting project of the municipality.
Technology company MagneGas Corp (Nasdaq:MNGA) announced on Tuesday that two locations of a leading heavy equipment rental company will be using MagneGas2 fuel for metal cutting and repairs.
Lehman & Company (JFLCO) has signed a definitive agreement with Oldenburg Group Incorporated to acquire its heavy equipment group, including both its defense and mining business units, the company said.
pursuing a career in heavy equipment operation, construction management, mining engineering or any heavy equipment-related program.
Wang Fengkai added: "SANY is the sixth-largest heavy equipment manufacturer in the world, with a dozen industrial parks in China, plus manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, and in the United States.
This news, combined with falling house prices in Dubai and a general dampening of the sentiment in the GCC construction market, has left many questioning what the outlook for heavy equipment suppliers and distributors in the Gulf region looks like.
Peter Collins from Milton CAT said the heavy equipment dealer is donating $1.
The Ombudsman's Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) filed before the Sandiganbayan a case against former Binidayan Mayor Aman Misbac Datumulok after he ordered the purchase of two heavy equipment from E.
The deal underlines Mannai HED's commitment to work with its partners to provide the specialized heavy equipment needed to enable Qatar to achieve its plans for infrastructure and real estate development, supporting theQatar National Vision 2030 and in preparation for hosting the World Cup in 2022, said the company in a statement.
There has been an overall 19 percent reduction in heavy equipment thefts since 2008.
The heavy equipment is categorized by equipment type, brand, location, price range and other factors, with item descriptions and photographs.
Summary: DUBAI - Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment Co (GTHE) is upbeat on its outlook for the heavy equipment sector this year amid signs of recovery in the construction industry, Samer Khalid, Acting General Manager of GTHE, told Khaleej Times.
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