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HFOHeavy Fuel Oil
HFOHaas Factory Outlet (machine tool distributor; Twinsburg, OH)
HFOHigh Frequency Oscillator
HFOHole Full of Oil (oil exploration slang)
HFOHydrofluoro-Olefin (refrigerant)
HFOHealth Force Ontario (Canada)
HFOHonolulu Forecast Office (National Weather Service; Hawaii)
HFOHeavy Furnace Oil
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In order to continue to use inexpensive bunker heavy fuel oil with high sulfur content, SOx scrubber system will therefore become indispensable.
1 illustrates that within 30 days, the addition of Mn into soil samples with heavy fuel oil and diesel fuel provide the best biodegradation conditions.
Few heavy fuel oil spills have been well-studied, and understanding how these types of oil weather is critical for targeted oil spill response and cleanup efforts, as well as for informing discussions on their continued use.
With their quick installation times and their capability to burn a variety of fuels including heavy fuel oil, our 9E gas turbines are an excellent fit for ONE's projects," said Cordoba.
Most of the 970 tonnes of heavy fuel oil from the vessel had been pumped out before it was refloated on Monday.
Athens argues that international conventions (in this case the MARPOL Convention) already enable third countries to refuse access to their ports to single hull tankers carrying heavy fuel oil.
They may also ban vessels that are 15 years old or more from carrying heavy fuel oil within 200 miles of their coastlines.
The increased supply of natural gas will reduce Mexico's dependence on heavy fuel oil, helping the country meet its air quality objectives.
The Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization on Thursday said it would suspend heavy fuel oil deliveries to North Korea, beginning with the December shipment, unless Pyongyang immediately dismantles its highly enriched uranium program.
Jonan Seiko said 1,800 liters of heavy fuel oil spilled into the factory site and about 400 liters of the spilled oil flowed into the nearby Shibakawa river through an open sewage.
The ambassadors also discussed pending problems, including the need to secure laborers for the construction work, the increasing price of heavy fuel oil, and contracting a firm to provide equipment for the reactors, the officials said.
These boilers, of three-pass, wet-back design, burn heavy fuel oil to generate up to 6000kg of steam per hour at 10.