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HLLVHeavy-Lift Launch Vehicle
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WIND TUNNEL TESTING: Engineers test a model of the 70 metric-ton Space Launch System --NASA'S heavy-lift launch vehicle that will carry crew, cargo and science missions into deep space --at the Langley Research Center in Hampton Virginia.
The more powerful Delta IV Heavy rocket will remain in production to meet the nation's heavy-lift launch requirements until the next generation of US heavy-lift launch vehicles are certified to carry payloads to orbit.
While this is pretty impressive it still pales in comparison to some Heavy-Lift Launch Vehicles (HLLVs) of the past like the Saturn V rocket.
Waterman survived a thirty-year career as an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry, working on a wide variety of projects including Space Shuttle star trackers, electronic guidance for heavy-lift launch vehicles, and failure analysis of electronic components.
Teledesic, a soon-to-be provider of broadband network services, has signed a launch contract with Lockheed Martin for the provision of two heavy-lift launch vehicles to launch Teledesic's satellite constellation.