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HebrHebrew (linguistics)
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The erroneous interpretations of those who considered that king Melchizedek was an angel or even the Holy Spirit were counteracted through a complementary literature meant to establish the genealogy of this biblical character of whom Saint Apostle Paul states that he was "without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life" (Hebr. 7:3).
Q: In which group of islands is Lanzarote: ( a )The Hebr ides (b)The Balearics (c) The Canaries?
Characteristically, while the Greek word "oikoumene" is used at several points in the New Testament (11) to signify simply the inhabited part of the world (in the Greco-Roman manner), the epistle to the Hebrews uses it to denote the whole of creation (Hebr. 1:6) including the new, renewed "world to come" (Hebr.
Zubly of Savanna with his Sermon on Faith Hebr. xi, 6..."); I: 545 ("My Friend the Revd Dr Zubly has been a very warm Friend for American Liberty.").
Indeed, for Shammas the main achievement of Zionism is the reterritorialization of the Hebr ew language.
As such, the communion of saints, in the sense of the cloud of witnesses (Hebr ews 12:1), becomes the outcome of a theology of ancestors.
1982, `Burial Caves in the Region of East Talpiyot', Atiqot Hebr. Series 8, pp.