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H/DHeight/Diameter (ratio)
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Fruits from 'Navelina' sweet orange trees on 'Swingle' citrumelo presented a higher height/diameter ratio, differing significantly from fruits of the trees on 'Rangpur' lime (Table 2).
At 54 days after sowing (DAS), the following variables were evaluated: shoot length (SL), stem diameter (SD), height/diameter ratio (H/D), leaf area (LA), unit leaf area (ULA), dry matters of stem (StDM), leaves (LDM), shoots (ShDM), roots (RDM) and total (TDM), chlorophyll content index (CCI) and Dickson quality index (DQI).
For the height/diameter ratio (H/D), using 25% of wastewater led to higher values, with gains of 3.2% in relation to the control.
There was no significant difference among treatments for the measures of height/diameter ratio.
The size of gyratory mould, uniformity over the sample, and the height/diameter ratio influence the air voids distribution and the density.
Its downside is also its size, for with pan supports only 120mm in diameter, the height/diameter ratio makes it a bit top-heavy and in need of caution in the user - more so if the larger cartridge is in use.
Allometric (height/diameter) relationships differed significantly between species; spruce had a much greater height/diameter ratio than fir.
Ratios of shell height/diameter and shell diameter/whorls were calculated.
The obtained data were used to calculate the variables height/diameter ratio (H/D) and shoot dry matter/root dry matter ratio (SDM/RDM) (Carneiro, 1995).
The existing monorail system is too low to accommodate conventional treatment ladles, whose height/diameter ratios are in the 2-to-1 range.