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HAGLHeight Above Ground Level (billboards)
HAGLHumeral Avulsion of Glenohumeral Ligament (shoulder injury)
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He pointed out that near Trawsfynydd there was an area of "relatively flattish land" and said: "Had he seen that through the cloud I am certain that would have given him the false confidence that he was at a good and safe height above ground level.
The building's total built-up area is 24,375 square metres and the total building height above ground level is 72.5 metres.
Weibull distribution of wind velocity variations and estimated parameters k and a at 65 m height above ground level in Klaipeda region (Giruliai): 1-experimental data; 2-approximation by Weibull distribution function
He built the well back up to its original height above ground level using the same red brick.
No board can exceed 4.6 metres in height above ground level, except in cases of a flat/office at first floor level or above, andmust not project from the building by more than 1 metre.
To get to the point in the road plane, the z-component, which is defined here as the height above ground level, is set equal to zero.
Although pilots reference the altimeter, and therefore a msl altitude, to determine the missed approach point on a precision approach, the FAA's Pilot/Controller Glossary defines DH as a height above ground level. This is the "200" in 200-and-a-half minimums for most ILS approaches (only pilots with radar altimeters are actually referencing an agl altitude to determine DH.
Best results gained, if wires height above ground level is comparable or smaller than distance between conductors.
``The height above ground level of the bottom of the gates has come up here, and I'm a bit perplexed as we moved the gate closer to the ground to try to provide additional safety to the handlers.