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Z-SCALEHeight Determination
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Frequently, the lateral cortex of the greater tuberosity can be pieced back to the shaft fragment allowing proper height determination as well.
The database allowed me to discover cause-and-effect relationships, and several parameters emerged as being important for accurate height determination.
Caption: Figure 1: Flowchart of the cloud-base height determination for one single sterical pixel ([T.sub.b] = brightness temperature, L = spectral radiance, cs = cloudless sky, h = cloud-base height, and z = zenith angle) (see text for details).
State of the art and present developments of a general concept for GPS-based height determination, in Proceedings of the First Workshop on GPS and Mathematical Geodesy in Tanzania (Kilimanjaro Expedition 1999).
Heights of the survey points are related to the Kronstadt tide-gauge, the accuracy for height determination is stated as 0.5-1.5 m.
A software package developed by the author according to the mathematical theory was used for the geoid height determination evaluations.
Session 5: Height determination, gravity and magnetic field;
An accurate regional geoid model, in particular, enables the user in many cases to replace the traditional height determination techniques by faster and more cost-effective GPS-levelling.
Typical accuracy of determining position of points amounted to [+ or -] 1.2 mm/km, whereas average error of height determination was [+ or -] 3.3 cm.
Absolute GPS height determination is based on the measurement of ellipsoidal heights, with subsequent reduction to given height system.