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HEIRSHarrow Early Immigrant Research Society (Canada)
HEIRSHamilton Environmental Improvement in the Riverlea Suburb (Hamilton, New Zealand)
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He that hath a goal and an heir, wanteth death at the right time for the goal and the heir.
And out of reverence for the goal and the heir, he will hang up no more withered wreaths in the sanctuary of life.
They sought even more thoroughly than the august heirs had done, but it was fruitless.
A wing of Gaunt House was assigned to this couple; for the head of the family chose to govern it, and while he reigned to reign supreme; his son and heir, however, living little at home, disagreeing with his wife, and borrowing upon post-obits such moneys as he required beyond the very moderate sums which his father was disposed to allow him.
Indeed, I could scarce discourse with him but in the intervals of my passion; however, at length I began, and expressing myself with wonder at my being so happy to have the trust of what I had left, put into the hands of my own child, I told him, that as to the inheritance of it, I had no child but him in the world, and was now past having any if I should marry, and therefore would desire him to get a writing drawn, which I was ready to execute, by which I would, after me, give it wholly to him and to his heirs.
He is heir to thy throne by blood, O King, and thou sittest in his place.
The heir presumptive, the very William Walter Elliot, Esq.
The heir, whose rights he had usurped, was the heir who would now have the estate.
The day after he reached his capital the Sultan assembled his court and told them all that had befallen him, and told them how he intended to adopt the young king as his heir.
However, after a short hesitation, he answered, "Indeed, madam, it is true, everybody doth not know him to be Squire Allworthy's son; for he was never married to his mother; but his son he certainly is, and will be his heir too, as certainly as his name is Jones.
She stepped over and glanced at the other infant;' she flung a glance back at her own; then one more at the heir of the house.
George Bartram is generally understood to be his uncle's heir -- you will, I think, acknowledge that I am not warning you without a cause.