HEISHigh Energy Ion Scattering
HEISHydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
HEISHousehold Expenditure and Income Survey (various countries)
HEISHanford Environmental Information System
HEISHigh Energy Ion Spectroscopy
HEISHealth Education Information System
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Elton," she replied, starting on this appeal; "is heis he a tall man?
Earlier, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) said it "does not advise a change in the academic calendar" for HEIs citing that there are "much more fundamental concerns than the issue of academic calendars.
He said that private HEIs should first allocate any additional income to close this "unfair" salary gap.
He said that HEIs would increase TOSF at an average rate of six to 10 percent.
She said the P500-million budget was based on the 'worst-case scenario' projection of the Department of Education (DepEd), wherein around 12,000 HEIs personnel will lose their jobs during the transition phase for K to 12.
Being conservative, the analysis was done considering that only 80 per cent of the area fitted with HEIS would be cultivated with vegetables after harvesting cotton.
Self-assessment reports in facilitating accreditation processes, challenges in implementation of QA processes, Develop Public Confidence in Higher Education, Impact of QA practices in building national economy, competing at international level for seeking standardization of qualification framework and employment and significance of ISO certification in promoting quality culture in HEIs.
Also this year, CHED issued a policy allowing HEIs to conduct mandatory drug testing on college students.
HEIs heads were encouraged to institute sustainable programme and processes to address possible threats of radicalization.
The seminar proved to be an essential effort to improve processes of HEIs that would eventually lead to enhance the quality of education and establish new standards and pathway to successful and prosperous future generation.
The increased competition for attracting students has led HEIs to be aware of the significance of successful marketing plan.
Further, the study explored the educational system attributes of the HEIs.