HELFHeads of E-Learning Forum (est. 2003; various universities; UK)
HELFHuman Embryonic Lung Fibroblast (cytology)
HELFHouse-Elf Liberation Front (Harry Potter)
HELFHeadrest, Eyepiece, Lights, Filter (procedure for checking tank rangefinder)
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To detect the cytotoxicity to human normal cells, we also tested the cell viability of HELF cells when treated with wogonin and Wog-MNPs-Fe[sub]3O[sub]4.
Edicion completa en CD-Rom (1999), a cargo de Nicolas Helf, "Prologo" de Horacio Salas y textos de Sylvia Saitta.
The informal summit of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) member states was helf in Bishkek on May 28.
Algozzine, Wang, White, Cooke, Marr, Algozzine, Helf, and Duran investigated the effects associated with a three-tiered comprehensive program on reading and behavior outcomes of primary grade students in seven urban elementary schools.
The only book on Christian art from the Global South that comes close is Christliche Kunst in Afrika (Berlin, 1984), by Josef Franz Thiel and Heinz Helf.
The group met together under the name Helf Alfodool.
Substantial work has been conducted on the earliest levels of instruction by L2 German scholars (see in particular Helf and Schulze; Maxim 2002 and 2006).
Beck said that the Tower has been the location for everything from the "all-time altitude" record-breaking (706-foot) baseball drop by Cleveland Indian catchers Frank Pytlak and Hank Helf in 1938, to hot dog eating contests, to NBA All-Star parties, to movie shoots, to concerts and parades.
Caves are microcosms for studying evolution," says Kurt Helf, an ecologist and cave biologist with the Cumberland Piedmont Network, one of 32 eco-regional networks in the National Park Service's Inventory and Monitoring Program.
Exposure of HELF cells to low levels of arsenite increased their proliferation rate and anchorage-independent growth and disrupted normal contact inhibition.
Tennessee Commerce Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: TNCC) has said that its chairman and chief executive Arthur Helf will retire on Thursday and be succeeded by cofounder Michael Sapp.