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HELIHealth and Environment Linkages Initiative (World Health Organization and UN Environment Programme)
HELIHeidelberg English Language Institute (Tiffin, OH)
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This can be compared to the usage of Helicopters and expenses incurred upon by other provinces and the Federal Government, whereby, figures would prove that usage of Helicopter by Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is much lower, though terrain of most of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa requires Heli usage, it noted in press release.
If you'd like to be one of the first on board the Heli Harbor, check out their Kickstarter campaign.
To own a classic car, Heli said that a person needs "a lot of patience" when looking for the right car or when searching for original spare parts.
In 2003, Hala then proposed and secured the dealership for the Chinese forklift OEM Heli.
El secreto de esta manera de hacer cine esta en el tratamiento de tema e imagen, de una vocacion que nunca ha sido la de explotar el morbo; en Heli la clave es la poesia que se destila de esos horizontes afligidos, ritmos monotonos, planos rijos, cuerpos vejados, miradas impotentes, inocencia en el rostro; la carne magullada por la maquinaria de tortura, el espanto del espectador frente a esos ninos que atormentan al ritmo de video-juegos.
La pelicula toma el nombre de su protagonista: Heli Alberto Silva, obrero de una armadora de autos en un municipio terregoso de Guanajuato (el estado natal de Escalante).
This has not happened and will not happen because there is a number of Arab states which support the Syrian regime," Ben Heli was quoted as saying.
LS040411erne-04 Above, from left, Belen Nicolas, Krishna Gohill (co-ordinator) and Heli Luoto; left (from left) Belen Nicolas, Heli Luoto, Susanna Huttunem, Maria Varele,Anna Kayko, Anneli Kayko, Susana Alvarez and (front) Krishna Gohill (co-crdinator); below, Krishna Gohill and Anneli Kayko look at students' art.
AL Assistant Secretary-General Ahmed bin Heli on Saturday told the reporters the emergency meeting will discuss the dangerous aggression Israel has launched on the besieged Gaza Strip and its killing of civilians.
The Heli Air company, cited by the Bulgarian National Radio, BNR, says a contact was established with the three, who were working for the UN in Sudan.
Army has established mobile medical teams through heli service at Ghari Khairo in Sindh.
The weather is clear and sunny in Hunza on Thursday, however, thick clouds at peaks fear suspension of heli service, which was resumed yesterday.