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HeliosHandicapped People in the European Community Living Independently in An Open Society (Action Programme)
HeliosHeinz Electronic Library Interactive On-Line System
HeliosHigh Energy Lepton and Ion Spectrometer
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Helios provides a limited liability direct investment into the Lloyd's insurance market.
What's needed in this increasingly treacherous environment is a way to continuously evaluate all web traffic for 'unknown unknowns,' and that is the explicit design philosophy underpinning all of Helios.
This may soon change after the capital injection from Helios.
The model is basically the same as what we do in Helios Developments--we're still focused on renewables; that's our number one priority--but there's a few other opportunities that are opening with the First Nations company" said Jeff Scharf, a cofounder and co-CEO with partner Trevor Tario.
In addition, users can also identify an area of interest for monitoring and select vantage points as per location, direction of view or National Weather Service warnings, the company stated and added that visitors can view a demonstration of Helios in the company's booth at the American Meteorological Society's annual meeting from 6 to 10 January 2013 in Austin, Texas.
We worked hand in hand with Helios Capital Advisors to complete this multi-layered transaction.
The defendants were former chief pilot Ianko Stoimenov; Helios board chairman Andreas Drakos; chief executive officer Demetris Pantazis and the airline's operations manager, Giorgos Kikidis.
The Fund's potential to make attractive risk-adjusted returns with comparatively low correlation to developed markets enabled it to attract a diverse investor base, which includes support from institutional investors in the predecessor Helios fund, as well as first time commitments to Africa from a broad range of endowments and foundations, funds of funds, corporate pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and development finance institutions across the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa," it said in a press release.
The Helios platform is the next step in our product progression, and gives our customers the ability to go to market quickly with proven embedded hardware and software technology in a truly application-ready and programmable package.
The companies are currently in negotiations on several projects in the UAE, said Trevor Cartner, executive director of Helios.
Under the contract, ET Solar will ship a total of 15MW modules to Helios Technology between October 2008 and March 2009.
Those who attended were also given tours of the complex's new industrial units that have been speculatively built by Helios and occupy a total of 123,910sq ft across eight acres.