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HDHigh Definition
HDHard Drive
HDHeavy Duty
HDHigh Density
HDHuman Developement (course of study)
HDHard Disk
HDHome Depot, Inc. (NYSE symbol)
HDHybrid Digital (radio technology)
HDHappy Days (TV show)
HDHenry Draper (star catalog)
HDHilary Duff
HDHuntington's Disease
HDHot Dog
HDHome Decor
HDHelp Desk
HDHome Defense
HDHeart Disease
HDHome Delivery
HDHarmonic Distortion
HDHögsta Domstolen (Swedish supreme court of justice)
HDHigher Diploma
HDHalf Day
HDHistoric District
HDHot Date (The Sims expansion pack)
HDHuddersfield (postcode, United Kingdom)
HDHigh Distortion
HDHomeland Defense
HDHazardous Drug
HDHodgkin's Disease
HDHelper-Dependent (genes)
HDHip Dysplasia
HDMustard Gas
HDHemorrhagic Disease
HDHelsingborgs Dagblad (Swedish newspaper)
HDHigh Dive
HDHit Dice (role-playing games)
HDHall Director
HDHealth Division
HDHand Dryer (building services)
HDHonorary Degree
HDHemodynamically (stable)
HDHonorable Discharge
HDHighway Department
HDHoe Down (party)
HDHigh Distinction (grade)
HDHyperactive Disorder
HDHousing Department
HDHorizontal Distance
HDHigh Dispersion
HDHazel Dell ( town in SW Washington)
HDHuman Dimension
HDHelm's Deep (JRR Tolkien's The Two Towers)
HDHeaven's Disciples (Christian urban music)
HDHouse Document (USACE)
HDHumanitarian Demining (US Government unexploded ordnance mission areas)
HDHüsker Dü (band)
HDHeat Detector
HDHomeopathic Doctor
HDHydatid Disease
HDHot Desk
HDHarbor Defense
HDHighly Dispersed
HDHeavy Drop
HDHidden Desire
HDHip-Disarticulation (amputation)
HDHurricane Days
HDHarmonization Document
HDHeavy Defense (gaming)
HDHardware Disease (traumatic reticulopericarditis caused by foreign bodies in cattle)
HDHrvatski Dragovoljac (Croatian: Volunteer; Zagreb football club)
HDHelicopter Director
HDHumidity Detector
HDHepatosis Dietetica
HDHeloma Durum
HDHeavy Decoy
HDHorizontal Decelerator
HDHousehold Drivers
HDHalf Sized Diazo Non-Reproducible Drawing
HDHydraulic Fluid, Diving
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The final season of "Game of Thrones" leaned into the comparison, whether it was the battle of Winterfell's parallels to Helm's Deep, Podrick (Daniel Portman) singing a story-song, or the final episode's revelation that the archmaester has written a history of Robert Baratheon's reign and the wars that followed named "A Song of Ice and Fire," just as Frodo Baggins wrote "The Lord of the Rings." Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) even has dialogue about the power of stories that calls back to Samwise Gamgee's stirring words about the "tales that really mattered." Perhaps that's the best thing this season of "Game of Thrones" did for us: It made us want to dig out those old DVDs and dusty books.
Director Miguel Sapochnik, who helms the episode and previously worked on the acclaimed episodes Hardhome and Battle of the B*stards, spoke toEntertainment Weeklyabout how the episode is the longest battle in film history, with the Battle of Helm's Deep in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers coming closest at around 40 minutes.
We know that episode three, the 'Battle of Winterfell', will feature the longest battle sequence ever in film and TV history, longer than the Helm's Deep scene in 'Lord of the Rings', and also boasts the most number of characters coming together since the show pilot.
"The place is stunning - it's like the North East's very own Helm's Deep! Really, really cannot wait for this."
Elijah Wood's hobbit learns that he is being pursued to Mordor by Gollum, and there's a spectacular finale with the CGI masterpiece that is the Battle of Helm's Deep. (2002/12) ..
It's like the battle for Helm's Deep in Lord of the Rings, but with hordes of slobbering reptilian hyenas with T-Rex heads instead of orcs.
In a New York Times article contributed by a Macedonian studying in the USA, Pesna has been described as identical to the made-up caves in "The Lord of the Rings", while the castle inside the cave is said to bear a striking resemblance to Helm's Deep from the same novel, later made into a film.
Consider, for example, the similarity in layout between the Schwaben Redoubt at the Somme and the Hornburg at Helm's Deep. (2) In both cases fortifications were strung across a river, with a stronghold on a ridge to the attackers' right.
"He is a stone-throwing Helm's Deep defender in The Two Towers.
Lego The Lord of the Rings 8; The Battle of Helm's Deep (pounds 99.99) * 9.
They then head towards Helm's Deep for a titanic showdown with the evil wizard Saruman's army.