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HTNHigh Blood Pressure
HTNHeroes of the Nation (Redding, CA)
HTNHistotechnology (program of study)
HTNHierarchical Task Network
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HTNHealth Thru Nutrition (est. 1993)
HTNHammonton (Amtrak station code; Hammonton, NJ)
HTNHughes Television Network
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HTNHigh-Tech Network (various locations)
HTNHelp the Needy
HTNHospitality Training Network (Sydney, Australia)
HTNHarmonic Termination Network (electrical engineering)
HTNHealth Transaction Network Inc. (Canada)
HTNHome Theatre Network
HTNHarvest The Net
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Not that charity only which causes us to help the needy and comfort the suffering, but that feeling of universal philanthropy which, by teaching us to love, causes us to judge with lenity all men; striking at the root of self-righteousness, and warning us to be sparing of our condemnation of others, while our own salvation is not yet secure.
Without complicating the question by asking how I come to be in that condition, I will merely inquire whether it is, or is not, the duty of a Christian community to help the needy.
Javed Kodoo requested the Punjab government to make permanent arrangements to help the needy and ailing artists.
Since then the swallow became the statue's messenger and agreed to help the needy people by removing the precious stones from the statue and giving it to them.
The shop owner says she chose the organisations which will benefit from the proceeds of the show this year carefully- and they are known to her as she has given them clothing to help the needy in Larnaca in the past.
HUNDREDS of families gathered to launch The Salvation Army's annual Christmas appeal to help the needy.
Summary: Community service clubs at The American University in Cairo have stepped up their efforts to help the needy during the holy month of Ramadan.
NANNY STATE Johnny Vegas unwraps a goat to publicise Oxfam's bid for people to help the needy this Christmas.
SOME rich members of the early church in the city of Ephesus didn't know it was their responsibility to help the needy.
If you want to help the needy, Edwina, go to their countries and help them.
I find the willingness of our community to give up their leisure time to help the needy, quite frankly, humbling.