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Fifth, the hematocrit values used in this paper are based on the value prior to the decision to administer ESAs; we cannot say whether a particular ESA administration decision is guided by a particular hematocrit value.
13 Hematocrit value has been shown to be the most important determinant of blood viscosity in many studies.
SO2 and FO2Hb concentrations were higher in healthy broiles while blood hemoglobin and hematocrit values were higher (Pless than 0.
Fortnightly, the hematocrit level was determined and the FAMACHA[c] method was applied to each animal to classify the animals as proposed, in order to relate the FAMACHA[c] with the hematocrit value in ovine females of different breeds supplied with two different levels of crude protein.
However, only a few well-designed and well-controlled studies on trained subjects have reported increments in hemoglobin concentration or/and hematocrit value (Bonetti et al.
In reading the hematocrit value, care was placed on excluding the buffy coat (i.
One patient had thrombocytopenia (platelet count 53,000), and both had raised hematocrit values (50% and 46 %).
Screening for hypoglycemia with plasma in neonatal blood of high hematocrit value.
The contributing factors to high hematocrit value include hypovolemia and DIC.
is recommended to continue the treatment until the target hemoglobin value >10 g/dl and hematocrit value >30% are reached and if the target values are not reached within 3 weeks, second step of treatment should be applied (1).
A range of cut-off hematocrit value is 35%-39% (3).