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* NHRA Dodge HEMI Challenge parade and elimination rounds set for Friday, August 31 at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis
The modern Hemi engine is lighter and stronger and offers far better drivability and performance than its predecessors.
A 6.2l supercharged HEMI with 575hp, the most powerful Ram 1500 the company has ever built, lays the groundwork of expectation.
En el resumen del analisis de varianza se observo que hubo efecto significativo del agua y de la urea en los contenidos de hemicelulosa (Hemi) del heno de avena amonizada, pero no hubo interaccion significativa entre estos factores (Cuadro 2).
Try the newest Dodge Challenger -- the one with a 707-horsepower, supercharged Hemi V-8 under the hood.
They are as grabby as the tires you'd need on the 1970 'Cuda to keep it on the road, and thus the grips keep the 572 Hemi in your hands.
The new Baer Hemi 572 embodies both those characteristics.
Accompanied by Miss Uganda and Miss Zambia - natch - the ex-boxing champ, 49, also got his gums around a loin of springbok (a kind of southern hemi gazelle) at Camden's South African diner, Shaka Zulu.
6.4L V8 engine HEMIA V8 with Fuel Saver Technology; and the 6.4L 392 cubic inch SRTA HEMI V8, standard on the Dodge Challenger SRT8A.
Hemi Sarania, the girl who had declined to enter the " traditional profession" a few months ago, has been able to change her destiny.