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HEMISHigher Education Management Information System (various locations)
HEMISHarmonization of Environmental Measurement Information System (Germany)
HEMISHigher Education Modules in Schools (UK)
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Now with the two- day Hemis Festival, which is going to start in Leh tomorrow, there is one more reason why you should be there.
When National Geographic photographer Steve Winter published camera trap images of the animals in 2008, interest in Hemis piqued, and in the past few years, winter visitors have increased from a handful to a hundred.
Geringer Global TravelOs new 14-day Ladakh program in India visits during the Hemis Festival.
Since Mopar folks think of Hemis or Max Wedges whenever they see the color orange, what better exterior hue can you think of for this car?
Mustangs, Corvettes and Hemis use MIM connecting rods and they have held up just fine.
Just wanted to remind you that hemis are vets, too, and should not be overlooked.
These monasteries (like Hemis Gompa, Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, Sankar gompa and Thiksey Monastery, etc.
This historic activity, first of its kind, covered an area of 18 hectares in Changa Village, near the famed Hemis Monastery.
U rgyan pa Ngag dbang rgya mtsho, Baidurya dkar po'i rgyud mang, Hemis Monastery edition
While the bombasts in the Beltway pour billions into the aging behemoths in Motor City - the very same big auto companies that worked diligently for decades to prevent greater fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks and lobbied Congress to subsidize Hummers and Hemis - small business entrepreneurs like Greenberg represent the future of America's industry and economy.