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The hemlock wooly adelgid is clearly invasive in eastern North America, and there are indications of clear ecosystem impacts to streams.
Forest response to the introduced hemlock wooly adelgid in southern New England, USA.
A: It sounds like you have two enemies: vines and probably the hemlock wooly adelgid.
The second pest, the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, produces two generations a year.
Consult the nearest state forester's office for an update on the hemlock wooly adelgid.
The fifth-grade pupils at the school have been checking for the presence of the hemlock wooly adelgid, a destructive pest, which made its way to the United States from Asia in the 1920s.
Large beech are declining from beech bark disease, hemlock wooly adelgid is moving north, and Asian longhorned beetle could soon hit maple.
Hemlock wooly adelgid, a seemingly innocuous bit of white fluff, is literally sucking the life out of the East's ecologically critical hemlocks.
In our eastern woodlands, tiny hemlock wooly adelgid are spinning disaster for the lacey, shade-yielding hemlock.
Perhaps foremost among these "exotic aliens," invasive species from other parts of the world, is the hemlock wooly adelgid.