HEMMYHealth Education Media Makers Yearly (University of Arizona award)
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About 50 sisters remained in the study when Hemmy got involved.
The sisters are so invested in cooperating, that some want to practice the exercises between assessments, Hemmy said.
Another lesson comes from the sisters' participation, Hemmy said.
These letters overflow with invitations: "How I would love to see you," Hemmy writes to "Dear Old Kid" Bill Horne; "Come on Up for the love of the Lord.
But within a couple of months Hemmy could write with equanimity about Agnes to his good pal Howell Jenkins, "I set out to cauterize out her memory and I burnt it out with a course of booze and other women and now it's gone" (193).
Both his sons-in-law were teachers in the public school system, so Hemmy followed with special interest the newspaper coverage of the Board of Education's "anti-red" efforts.
The occasion to talk to Zyra came on a Sunday after Hemmy had treated the family to dinner in Sheepshead Bay.
With no preamble or pretense, Hemmy moved into step beside Zyra.