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HFHHabitat For Humanity
HFHHamburger Fern-Hochschule (German university senate)
HFHHenry Ford Hospital (Detroit, Michigan)
HFHHigh Flight Hour (US DoD)
HFHHvem Forsker Hvad (Danish genealogy term)
HFHHeart Failure Hospitalization
HFHHomes for Haringey (London, England, UK)
HFHHemifacial Hyperplasia with Strabismus
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Whether you're younger than 65 or older than 75, age may not be a discernible factor in the success of shoulder replacement surgery, according to a Detroit-based Henry Ford Hospital study.
Schneider are with the department of dermatology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.
Research supporting this patent was conducted by Dr Michael Chopp's research team at the Henry Ford Hospital System in Detroit, MI and has been published in numerous neurological scientific journals.
co-director of the Henry Ford Hospital Center for Structural Heart Disease, Detroit.
Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit analyzed dust samples from 173 homes with a newborn and one dog in the home.
Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, United States found that teens who spent at least 14 hours a week on the Internet had elevated blood pressure.
Stuart Gordon, director of hepatology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Ml.
Brawner are from the division of cardiovascular medicine at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit.
The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, September 21-24, 2014, was the site of a presentation of research conducted at Henry Ford Hospital regarding widespread vitamin D deficiency among individuals undergoing surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland.
Our study is among the first to show that it's not the number of stressors, but your reaction to them that determines the likelihood of experiencing insomnia," said lead author Vivek Pillai, PhD, research fellow at the Sleep Disorders & Research Center at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A molecular substance that occurs naturally in humans and rats was found to "substantially reduce" brain damage after an acute stroke and contribute to a better recovery, according to a newly released animal study by researchers at Henry Ford Hospital.
August 26, 2013 -- In the latest in a series of experiments testing the use of stem cells to treat neurological disease, researchers at Henry Ford Hospital have shown for the first time that microscopic material in the cells offers a "robust" treatment for crippling stroke.