HEPRHunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction (various organizations)
HEPRHealth Education Professional Resources
HEPRHealth Emergency Preparedness and Response (various nations)
HEPRHecho en Puerto Rico (Spanish: Made in Puerto Rico; entertainment production company)
HEPRHard grade Ethylene Propylene Rubber
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A formacao de primer-dimer pode ser explicada pelo fato do primer HepR possuir seis pares de base na extremidade 3', que sao complementares a ele mesmo.
Address all correspondence to Michael Young, PhD, FAAHB, FSSSS, University of Arkansas, Health Education Projects Office, 326A HEPR Building, Fayetteville, AR 72701; PHONE: 479-575-5639; FAX: 479-575-6401; E-MAIL: meyoung@uark.
Bile thanked the Prime Minister for his support and accepted to join as an honorary Advisor on HEPR.