HERFHigh Energy Radio Frequency
HERFHydrogen Electric Racing Federation (hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle racing)
HERFHazard of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel
HERFHealth Education and Research Foundation
HERFHigh Energy Radiation Field
HERFHigh Energy Rate Forming of Powdered Metals (forging)
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As predicted, the coefficients on HERF are negative and significant at the 5% level, indicating positive spillovers in the less concentrated industries.
(103) In fact, the sidelining of Communists who had spent the war years in the West had decidedly antisemitic undertones; as Jeffrey Herf convincingly demonstrates, Jews and the cosmopolitan West were frequently considered to be synonymous.
Among the others are Herf's book, as well as Tina Rosenberg's 1995 book, The Haunted Land: Facing Europe's Ghosts After Communism, and Ian Buruma's thought-provoking 1994 work, Wages of Guilt: Memories of War in Germany and Japan (Vintage).
Our firms tend to be larger firms (median MVE = 1,770.27) from less concentrated industries (median HERF = 0.016) with fewer players (median NIND = 141) and returns that are less correlated with market returns (median RETCORR = 0.71).
(97) For discussions of the Conservative Revolution and modernity, especially regarding views of technology, see Herf, Reactionary Modernism; Breuer, Anatomie, 70-78; Sieferle, Die Konservative Revolution.
(3.) Matthias Kuntzel, Jihad and Jew Hatred (New York: Telos Press, 2007); Jeffrey Herf, Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2009); Ephraim Karsh, Palestine Betrayed (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2010); Robert Wistrich, A Lethal Obsession (New York: Random House, 2010).
Market concentration (HERF) varies considerably (2.6% to 100%) and averages 15.8 %.
It was at this meeting that Hitler repeated his call for the extermination of the Jews beyond Europe, now to include Palestine and the Middle East (Herf, 2009, 77).
As Jeffrey Herf has argued, "The persecution of the Jews ...
The ratings on four P&I classes were affirmed because the transaction's key metrics, including Moody's loan-to-value (LTV) ratio, Moody's stressed debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) and the transaction's Herfindahl Index (Herf), are within acceptable ranges.
The social fantasy regarding the Jews has always been a hot topic, but our book reviewers key in on the political manipulation of such fantasy in Jeffery Herf's Nazi Propaganda and Islamic Fundamentalism and Andrew Bostom's The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism.