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HERSCHELHelium Resonant Scattering in the Corona and Heliosphere (space experiment)
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The new Herschel system takes the thermo out of thermoforming and puts it under the microscope," explained Ceramicx Founder and Director, Frank Wilson.
The Herschel observations allow astronomers to determine how much light is emitted by the dust as a function of wavelength, providing a means to study the physical properties of the dust.
The research is part of the Measurements of 11 Asteroids and Comets Using Herschel (MACH-11) program, which used Herschel to look at small bodies that have been or will be visited by spacecraft, including the targets of NASA's previous Deep Impact mission and upcoming Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-Rex).
In this semi-stable orbit, Herschel dutifully carried out its observing programme, exceeding its planned mission life by several months until 2013 April 29 when its liquid helium coolant finally evaporated.
Herschel, which operated for almost four years, was designed to see the longest-wavelength infrared light.
Herschel is a European Space Agency mission with important NASA participation.
On Tuesday March 13th 1781, the organist, composer, conductor and music teacher William Herschel was outside his house on New King Street in Bath, one of the fashionable spa resorts of eighteenth-century England.
So, like Mr Herschel, I too have been conned by this system called Socialism.
Herschel Island is known as Qikiqtaryuk in the Inuvialuit dialect.
In the 1840s astronomer Sir John Herschel observed a dark streak running across the galaxy, now known to be a thick dust lane.
Through pictures taken from Herschel and XMM-Newton telescopes, via the European Space Agency, scientists have been able to observe two massive jets streaming from the black hole at the heart of the galaxy - which have the mass of 10 million suns.
Herschel and Mona Zarecor and their son, Herschel Zarecor III of New Jersey, wanted to buy bond funds for the stable income.