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HMPHelicopter Modification Program
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The original kaolinite sample was dispersed in water at a high solid percentage (60%), and sodium hexametaphosphate (1% of dried kaolin) was added for stabilizing the kaolinite as a colloidal suspension.
Processed cheese made with sodium hexametaphosphate contained larger particles, 4.
Soil texture was determined by hydrometer using sodium hexametaphosphate as dispersing agent and electrical conductivity by HANNA HI-8033 conductivity meter [38].
17) These products usually contain low concentrations of HP (1%% to 2%), and sodium hexametaphosphate may also be included in the formulation, aiming to protect the teeth surfaces from new stains.
The original version of Calgon consisted of sodium hexametaphosphate, a chemical that would sequester calcium--it appeared to be gone
Burokas, V, Martusiene, A, Bikulcius, G, "The Influence of Hexametaphosphate on Formation of Zinc Phosphate Coatings for Deep Drawing of Steel Tubes," Surf.
Soil particle size distribution was determined by Bouyoucos hydrometer method (Bouyoucos 1962), with sodium hexametaphosphate (Calgon) as the dispersing agent.
The combination of a dry-food diet plus two to four hard biscuits covered with hexametaphosphate and a dental chew on a daily basis can significantly reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar," Dr.
They are corrosive towards metals but this can be overcome by adding sodium hexametaphosphate or excess of alkali.
In present study sodium silicate (SS), sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP), sodium pyrophosphate (SPP), and ethylene-diamine-tetraacetatic-acid (EDTA) dispersants were used.