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HMDSHead Mounted Displays (virtual reality)
HMDSHexamethyldisilazane (adhesive used in photo resist in VLSI process)
HMDSHelmet Mounted Display System
HMDSHusky Mounted Detection System
HMDSHospital Morbidity Data System (Department of Health; Western Australia, Australia)
HMDSHyperbolic Multi-Dimensional Scaling
HMDSHazardous Materials Data System
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They were then dehydrated in gradient ethanol series and treated with hexamethyldisilazane.
4% osmium tetroxide followed by serial dehydration, using increasing concentrations of ethanol and hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS).
The specimens were then transferred to hexamethyldisilazane and air dried at room temperature.
Samples were dehydrated in a graded ethanol series (50%, 70%, 90%, 95%, 100% (X2)) for 10 min each, followed by 20 min in a 1:1 mixture of hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS) and ethanol.
So far, organic silicon monomers, such as tetramethylorthosilicate (TMOS), tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS), and polyethoxydisiloxane (PEDS), are generally selected as precursors [4, 7, 8] and the trimethylchlorosilane (TMCS) [9,10], hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) [11], and hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS) [7, 9,12] were used for silylating silica gels, and aerogels were dried under ambient pressure conditions.
15) A glass substrate dipped in a mixture of methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS), ammonium hydroxide, and a large amount of methanol can realize superhydrophobicity, but a post-synthesis modification is needed, by which methyl groups were introduced using a solution of methyltrichlorosilane or hexamethyldisilazane in hexane.
The scaffolds were fixed with 10% formaldehyde, dried in series of ethanol concentrations (60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%) and final drying was done with hexamethyldisilazane.
Indispron D-110a contains hexamethyldisilazane, reaction product with silica, 3% aqueous dispersion.
This was followed by treatments with 50% ethanol:50% acetone, 100% acetone, and 50% acetone: 50% hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS), each for 15 min.
The midguts were obtained as described, dehydrated in a graded series of ethanol dilutions, transferred to hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS) and air dried at room temperature for 10 min (Nation 1983).
First, hexamethyldisilazane (HDMS) is coated and the photoresist is dispensed onto the wafer by using a spin speed as stated in Table 6.
Superhydrophobic sol gel was prepared by hydrolyzing tetraethoxysilane and then reacting it with hexamethyldisilazane.