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In particular, it is well known that hexamethylene diamine tends to dimerize into a trifunctional amine, key step toward polymer branching [1,2, 23].
One such material is the branched form of hexamethylene diamine, made and sold in its own right as Dytek A[R].
The grafted MWNTs were prepared by reacting opened MWNTs with hexamethylene diamine as follows.
The grafted MWNTs were obtained through the acid-amine reaction between the hexamethylene diamine and opened MWNTs by utilizing a modified method based on the studies of Chen et al.
Dartek film is manufactured from nylon 6,6 polymer, the condensation of adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine.
The polyphthalamide PA6T, consisting of hexamethylene diamine and terephthalic acid (TPA) units, is almost too good: it melts at 370[degrees]C, which would be great in use but, unfortunately, prevents melt processing.
Methylbenzoate (BMe) was mixed with hexylamine (A) or hexamethylene diamine (DA), without a solvent, in glass ampoules (cylindric, 5 x 30 [mm.
1 was repeated with ethylbenzoate (BEt), which was reacted at high temperatures with hexamethylene diamine (DA).
Nylon 6,6 is the polyamide formed by the reaction between hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid.
01 M hexamethylene diamine in water and adipoyl chloride in dichloromethane were prepared and the fibers were immersed successively in these solutions for 30 min each.