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HGBHak Guna Bangunan (Indonesian: Right to Build)
HGBHandelsgesetzbuch (German Commercial Code)
HGBHellogoodbye (band)
HGBHall Governing Board
HGBHollywood Guarantee Building (California)
HGBHybrid Genset Battery
HGBHigh Gravity Brewing
HGBHorrible Gelatinous Blob (Futurama cartoon)
HGBHorrible Gelatinous Blob
HGBHeavy Girder Bridge
HGBHot Glue Box
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Then, the as-treated HGB (0, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 wt%, based on the weight of the epoxy resin) were added into the mixture system and continued to fast stir for another 10 min.
From the finding that the Hgb levels of patients aged 6-24 months were significantly lower than those of the age-appropriate thresholds, it can be considered that extension of prophylactic iron supplementation duration to 24 months might be more favorable.
6%; 42 of 125) of the participants had a review threshold of at least 10 g/dL Hgb pretransfusion values for patients without cardiovascular or pulmonary disease.
When any identified causes are treated or eliminated and the patient continues to maintain Hgb less than or equal to 10 g/dL, ESAs should be used to maintain Hgb at 11.
In cancer patients, treatment with ESAs has been shown to raise Hgb levels and reduce transfusion rates, but there are concerns over safety of ESAs in terms of mortality, disease progression, and risk of thromboembolism.
had noted that the correlation between a low Hgb level and poorer performance status revealed in European Cancer Anemia Survey is consistent with clinical evidence supporting a relationship between Hgb levels and relevant QOL parameters.
Hgb values were adjusted for altitude according to the recommendation of Centres for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) (28).
Posttest measurements of HGB (Hemoglobin) were higher than the pretest measurements at the end of the application, and the difference in between was statistically significant (p<0.
Masanobu Tsunoda, Managing Director of Nikon Singapore, expressed to the ceremony that he warmly welcomed HGB Trading as a partner in importing Nikon cameras to Cambodia market where most people prefer stylish brands and Nikon, being an internationally famous brand, is ready to bring a unique experience of photography to Cambodian people.
The actor visited the HGB Motorcycles store in Ruislip, Greater London, earlier this week, where he looked at small vehicles for his kids.
He insists that he felt better when his Hgb was greater than 11 g/dL.
The proposed rulemaking would implement Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) for flexible package printing; industrial cleaning solvents; large appliance coatings; metal furniture coatings; paper, film, and foil coatings; miscellaneous industrial adhesives; and miscellaneous metal and plastic parts coatings in the DFW and HGB areas, and for automobile and light-duty truck manufacturing coatings in the DFW area.