HgbSSickle-cell Hemoglobin
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It increases hemoglobin F concentrations, which decreases HgbS concentration and prevents HgbS polymerization, which in turn decreases RBC sickling and hemolysis.
(23,24) Hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier substitutes, such as cross-linked tetrameric hemoglobin and conjugated tetrameric hemoglobin, may be beneficial as oxygen carriers and for their potential to reduce free HgbS, an oxidizer and proinflammatory agent.
The mainstay of treatment for acute chest syndrome involves RBC exchange transfusions to remove the irreversibly sickled HgbS and replace it with normal hemoglobin.
The comparison of the pre and post test blood values of the experimental group revealed statistically significant differences between hct, rbc, hgb and ck results.
However, fewer resources are needed than in other grid-based schemes such as HGBS [18].
Memory GBS 3/2 [log.sub.2] N 3/2 [log.sub.2] N + ([alpha]N + 1) [log.sub.2] q 3D-GBS 2 [log.sub.2] N 2 [log.sub.2] N + ([[alpha].sup.3] [square root of N] + 1) [log.sub.2] q Proposed 3/2 [log.sub.2] N 3/2 [log.sub.2] N + scheme 3([[alpha].sup.3] [square root of N] + 1) [log.sub.2] q HGBS [log.sub.2] N [log.sub.2] N + ([alpha]N + 1) [log.sub.2] q Computation GBS 2[alpha]N + 1 2/[square root of N] - 1 3D-GBS 2[[alpha].sup.3] [square root of N] + 1 Proposed 2[[alpha].sup.3] 3/[cube root of N] scheme [square root of [N.sup.2]] + 1 HGBS 2[alpha]N + 1 1 Table 2.
In view of these results and to provide a better sense of the magnitude of the effects on the probability of Medicaid enrollment, we calculated the predicted probability of enrollment that would result from varying levels of Medicaid HGBS generosity and LTC expenditures devoted to HCBS.
began chronic outpatient hemodialysis in June, his hemoglobin (Hgb) was 8.4 g/dl with a hematocrit (Hct) of 26.5% (see Table 1).
His Hgb rose from 8.6 g/dl to 9.7 g/dl during this time and did not increase substantially over the subsequent 2 weeks.