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HIPACHitachi Parameter Automatic Computer
HIPACHoneywell International Political Action Committee (Honeywell International)
HIPACHigh Performance Athletics Centre (UK)
HIPACHigh Pressure Air Compressor
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Chakravarthy (1998) The HiPAC Project: Combining Active Databases and Timing Constraints, ACM SIGMOD Record, Vol.
For instance, the Sentinel, SAMOS, and Reach implementations do not support the detached rule execution mode, while several prototypes have been developed for HiPAC, each supporting only a subset of the planned features.
The second option is described in HiPAC in a bid to encourage more efficient rule processing.
Dimensions Applied to Active Object-Oriented Systems Dimension HiPAC EXACT Knowledge Model EVENT: Source Structure Op.
Support Query, Trace Query, Trace The following subsections outline the principal features of eight projects developing active object-oriented databases, four of which are not based upon persistent C++ systems (HiPAC, EXACT, NAOS, and Chimera, as featured in Table V), and four of which are based on database extensions of C++ (Ode, SAMOS, Sentinel, and REACH, as featured in Table VI).
Some of the key players in the market include IPS Packaging, Sealed Air, Dow Chemical Company, Eurofilms Extrusion, Coveris, LINPAC Group, Hipac PackagingSolutions, Intertape Polymer Group, AEP Industries, Berry Plastics, Bemis Co., Sigma Plastics, Aakriti Packaging, Alliance Plastics, American Eagle Packaging, W.W Grainger, Sigma Stretch Film, Silver Talent International and SmartShield Packaging.
Goddard Enterprise Ltd owns several successful process manufacturing companies including West Indies Rum Distillery, Purity Baking Company, HiPac Limited, and McBride Corporation.
"For the U15 and U17 players this is the High Performance Assessment Camp (HiPACs) and for the U16 and U18 players this is the England Hockey Futures Cup.