HiRSAHigh-Resolution Situational Awareness
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One attraction of Hirsa is that it is scalable and can be tailored to integrate equipment that is protecting a single building, right up to a complex suite of sensors performing border security.
In fact, Hirsa can be configured so that certain routine events are not considered a cause for concern, such as the detection of a vehicle slowly approaching the gate of a building.
Additionally, the HiRSA technology is being considered by several branches of the U.
The fact that DRS chose 21CSI's HiRSA technology to support the border security project in Jordan confirms our belief that this technology is a strong differentiator with multiple applications in the defense and commercial arenas.
The HiRSA technology will provide unique capabilities to help maintain the security of Jordan's border with Iraq.
Originally deployed with Marines in Iraq, HiRSA technology's was recently selected to participate in a groundbreaking program to help secure the Jordanian border and demonstrated as a powerful, easy-to-operate solution for potential use in U.