HiSSSHigh Speed Strike System
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Just look at my movies like Hisss, Murder or Pyaar Ke Side Effects EoAC" those are all my films.
The actress continues to insist that her film Hisss was not a flop.
But Mallika can't seem to get over the failure of Hisss .
So is there more to Hisss than Sherawat's snake encounters?
This time, after having exhausted all oomph tricks in her latest dud Hisss , she has chosen a more cerebral route -- child education.
Mallika had visited the Mannarasala Naga temple to seek blessings before Hisss hit the theatres.
Recently, her much- hyped international film Hisss bombed all over.
HOLLYWOOD CAREER: The Myth, Hisss, Politics Of Love (unreleased)
Now that her muchhyped Hollywood flick Hisss has flopped miserably, she is copying pop star Beyonce Knowles' style statement in a bid to make news.
However, when her much hyped film Hisss appeared she got no attention for the same.
Hisss would at least have been acceptable for what it is worth -- a C- grade horror flick -- had they sold it that way.
Her much- hyped horror flick Hisss opens this Friday and depending on the boxoffice's response to the film, Mallika could demand Emraan's ouster from Murder 2 .