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HIBHaemophilus Influenzae Type B
HIBHarassment, Intimidation and Bullying (various organizations)
HIBHøyteknologisenteret I Bergen (Norwegian: High Technology Centre in Bergen)
HIBHeavy Ion Beam
HIBHibbing / Chisholm, MN, USA - Hibbing-Chisholm (Airport Code)
HIBHuman Info Base
HIBHazardous Information Bulletin
HIBHeadwear Information Bureau (New York, NY)
HIBHelmet Interface Box
HIBHolinfobank Metasite
HIBHindmarsh Island Bridge (Australia)
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Thus, HibMenCY-TT was found to be safe and immunogenic for both Hib and meningococcal serogroups C and Y.
As a condition of the accelerated approval, GSK will conduct a postmarketing study of Hiberix in the United States, which will evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of Hiberix as a booster and primary vaccine, compared with an Hib vaccine that is already available in the United States, according to the statement.
The Hib vaccine has undergone several developments over the years.
The Hib-MenCY-TT combination vaccine induced antibodies nearly two times higher than the monovalent Hib vaccine produced (7.
In response to the rising incidence of Hib disease, a national booster campaign was initiated in 2003 in which an extra dose of Hib vaccine was offered for all children between 6 months and 4 years of age.
While the immuno-demographics of Hib are being studied, many physicians agree that a new and better vaccine is needed.
Hiberix is licensed for use as the booster (final) dose for Hib vaccination for children aged 15 months through 4 years (before the 5th birthday) who have received a primary Hib vaccination series of 2 or 3 doses (depending on the formulation of the primary series vaccines).
Beginning July 1, 2009, Sanofi Pasteur, manufacturer of ActHIB (monovalent Hib vaccine) and Pentacel (DTaP-IPV/Hib vaccine), aimed to ramp up production of those vaccines, allowing enough supply to resume the 12- to 15-month booster dose, Dr.
Bunlar ici nde pediatrik enfeksiyonlar icin en onemli olani Hib (Hemophilus influenza tip b)'dir.
A major obstacle in developing a Hib vaccine has been limited awareness about the impact of Hib disease.
Letters will be going out to families with children aged between six months and four years inviting parents to take advantage of a booster jab of the Hib vaccine for their youngsters.