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HICAPHealth Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program
HICAPHigh Capacity
HICAPHigh Capacity Artillery Projectile
HICAPHigh Combat Air Patrol
HICAPHigh-Altitude Combat Air Patrol
HICAPhigh-capacity firefighting foam station (US DoD)
HiCAPHighway Capacity Analysis Package (Catalina Engineering, Inc)
HICAPHorizontal Integration and Capability Assessment Process (US Navy)
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Hicap said the sham land distribution disadvantaged farmers and violated the pro-agrarian reform ruling of the Supreme Court (concerning the farm) in 2012.
The HICAP grant programme seeks to encourage journalists from the Hindu Kush Himalayan region to report on climate change across the five sub-basins: the upper Indus, Koshi, upper Brahmaputra, eastern Brahmaputra, and Salween-upper Mekong.
Children of Sweat, a sectoral party at the House of Representatives, the International Fisherfolk and FishWorkers Coalition will join the mission, said Hicap, adding that environmental groups and local government officials have expressed support for the mission's effort to determine the real environmetal effect of the disaster on the 130,000-hectare Tubbataha Reef.
HiCap effectively narrows the fiscal gap between what exists today and what is needed to economically extract some of the ocean's estimated 4.
The opening of Philippine military bases for the US and Japan, and the simultaneous war games with them reflect Philippine dependence and its "humiliating act of subservience," argued Hicap.
Major Companies included in this research study Bericap, Closure System International, Sks Bottle & Packing, Kornelis, Caps & Closures Pty, Estyle Caps & Closures, Sacmi Imola, Weaton, M&H Plastic, Freedonia Group, Qorpak, Shandong Lipeng, Hicap Closures, Yantai Xinda Packing, Shanxi System Cover The China, Nantong Yida Packing, Hainan Yedao Group, Taizhou Huangyan Packing, Zhuhai Longshi Cap, Tiankun Packing, And Yantai Huaguan Industrial Group.
Cora Belle Crane, volunteer counselor, trained by HICAP is available to discuss claims and costs, HMOs, Medicare supplement insurance, long-term care insurance and other related issues.
A total of 130 potential fraud and abuse referrals were made to DOIs during the first 3 months of 1994 (the majority identified by the California HICAP program).
As a former registered HICAP counselor, she brings to SCAN an excellent understanding of Medicare, HMOs, Medigap, Long-Term Care and other health insurance issues.
Minister Styles met with Mr Mallett at HICAP in Hong Kong today with the EOI high among the discussions.
The militant congressmen behind the three impeachment complaints were Colmenares and Carlos Zarate of Nation First; Fernando Hicap of Children of Sweat; Terry Ridon of Youth Group; Antonio Tinio of Alliance of Concerned Teachers; and Emmi de Jesus of Gabriela, a feminist group.
His health-care experiences since then have given him ample background for the counseling training he received from HICAP.