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Sometimes the first reaction to a Hickson Compact Group will be to dismiss it as invisible.
Caption: BONUS GALAXY Hickson Compact Group 92, more commonly known as Stephan's Quintet, lies about 280 million light-years from Earth in the direction of Pegasus.
It is the most crowded of all the Hickson compact group of galaxies, and it is unbelievable that all of them will fit into our Milky Way galaxy.
But these galaxies, members of Hickson Compact Group 31, are relatively nearby, only 166 million light-years away.
This image of Hickson Compact Group 87 is remarkable because it was acquired using the 8-meter Gemini South telescope without the aid of adaptive optics.
NGC 1199 is the brightest member of Hickson Compact Group (HCG) 22, located about 2[degrees] northeast of [Tau.sup.1] (1 Eridani).
The three pictured galaxies - NGC 7173, NCG 7174 and NGC 7176 - are part of the Hickson Compact Group 90, named after astronomer Paul Hickson, who first catalogued these small clusters of galaxies in the 1980s.
For his project, entitled "The Color-Magnitude Relation in Hickson Compact Group 62," Kelly was teamed with Daniel Kelson, a Carnegie postdoctoral fellow.
The photograph at left shows Subaru as it appeared on January 12th, shortly before work began on the above near- infrared image of Hickson Compact Group 40, a tightly bound quintet of interacting spiral galaxies roughly 300 million light-years away in Hydra.
The omission of several Hickson compact groups of galaxies was a bug; all copies of the program shipped since early January 2007 have this bug fixed.
Although the Hickson compact groups have been studied the most, many others have been found, particularly in the southern sky.
His last article, "Exploring Hickson Compact Groups," appeared in the March 1999 issue, page 110.