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HIDASHelicopter Integrated Defensive Aids System
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The ATM at the Hidas Centre will remain and an additional ATM will be installed at the new branch for easy and safe self-service.
Launched on the back of a November-1997 development and production contract, the WAH-64 HIDAS application comprises the BAE Systems E- through J-band (2- to 20-GHz, with 0.
20), approval for the integration of the HIDAS will have to obtained from US Army and US Government agencies before the deal can be finalized.
Sophisticated Ospreys, Longbow Apaches and Merlins justify integrated EW suites such as SIRFC, SIIRCM and HIDAS (an explanation of this alphabet soup appears later in this piece).
GEC-Marconi packages similar situational awareness and EW-management functions in HIDAS - the Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids System (for more on HIDAS and other helo self-defense suites, see "The Three Faces of Helicopter EW," JED, April 1998, p.
Also like SIRFC, HIDAS integrates different pieces of ASE.
The accession of the GEC-Marconi HIDAS to such a high-profile, high-stakes program infuses this EW suite with instant credibility and legitimacy for assorted military helicopters worldwide.
The UK: Under the original [pounds]71 million HIDAS contract, the British MOD tasked Marconi with providing its Sky Guardian 2000 radar warning receiver (RWR), the associated suite controller and the company's Series 1223 laser warning receiver (LWR), which Marconi claims can provide full beamrider (as in laser-beamriding missile) protection.
The expected in-service date for the HIDAS is 2001.
To create a full-capability system, the core HIDAS is bolstered by the addition of an IR jammer, a laser warner (such as GEC-MDS's 0.
Like HIDAS, the IHEWS offer is aimed at all the platforms in the competition.
Outside the UK, IHEWS and HIDAS are thought to be competitors for at least one other contract.