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HAHands (Front Page Sports Football '95 et al)
HAHigh Availability
HAHighly Available
HAHome Agent
HAHeart Attack
HAHospital Authority
HAHousing Authority
HAHome Address
HALa Habana (postcode, Cuba)
HAHome Alone
HAHawaii (old style)
HAHighways Agency (England)
HAHealth Affairs
HAHome Automation (residential housing controls)
HAHealth Assessment
HAHydrogen Alpha
HAHealth Administration
HAHigh Altitude
HAHells Angels
HAHarrow (postcode, United Kingdom)
HAHuman Anatomy (college course)
HAHumanitarian Assistance (US DoD)
HAHistorical Association (various organizations)
HAHyaluronic Acid
HAHumanitarian Assistance
HAHigh Authority
HAHeritage Area (various locations)
HAHospital Acquired (Infection)
HAHidden Ability (Pokémon)
HAHazard Analysis
HAHawaiian Airlines (IATA airline code)
HAHippocampal Atrophy (neurology)
HAHazard Assessment
HAHealth Advisory
HAHemolytic Anemia
HAHumic Acid
HAHolding Area
HAHauptabteilung (German)
HAHigh Assurance
HAHeavy Armor
HAHepatic Artery
HAHousing Allowance
HAHistocompatibility Antigen
HAHour Angle
HAHeterocyclic Amine (food mutagen)
HAHigh Ambient (temperature limit)
HAHospitality Association
HAHigh Achiever
HAHemaglutinin (glycoprotein on influenza virus)
HAHighways Act 1980 (UK)
HAHazardous Area
HAHonorary Alumnus
HAHealthy America
HAHome Assignment
HAHalf Adder
HAHybrid Algorithm
HAHemagglutination Assay
HAHaute Activité (French: High Activity; radioactivity)
HAHostile Aircraft
HAHydrocephalus Association
HAHypnotherapy Association
HAHousehold Activity
HAHarmonic Approximation
HAHeidelberg Appeal
HAHybrid Amplifier
HAHub Architecture
HAHexenyl Acetate
HAHearing Assistant
HAAdopted in the House (approved business of the House of Representatives, North Carolina)
HAHatch Act of 1887
HAHippocampal Asymmetry
HAHardness Assurance (radiation)
HAHarmonic Analyzer
HAHall Angle
HAHospitalman Apprentice (US Navy rating)
HAHalifax Academy (Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina)
HAHack Addict (eZine)
HAHit Avoidance
HAHit Assessment
HAHydraulic Association (UK)
HAHull Array
HAHeavy Assist (nursing)
HAHomelan Alliance (gaming clan)
HAHanford Operations Office (Department of Energy)
HAHowey Academy (Florida)
HAHipuric Acid
HAHeyting Arithmetics
HAHeterodyne Amplifier
HAHersteld Actief (Dutch)
HAHard Copy Text or Drawing
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When her best friend, Shinyao, is abducted by Umbras, Ton realizes a hidden ability that she inherited from her great-grandmother, and becomes the leader of the group, aiming to achieve peace between humans and Umbras.
SWABI -- Speakers in prize distribution ceremony said that participation in debates and other co-curricular activities can discover the hidden ability in the students and it also encourages them to play their due role in nation-building with complete determination and devotion.
It does require a lot of training and patience but there is a lot of hidden ability in them.
He said the show is an opportunity for budding generation of artists to showcase their hidden ability on a platform of national level and this endeavor will not only display the standards of art for amateur artists in Pakistan but also encourage them to express their ideas and visualize them through various mediums.
Meganium's Leaf Guard Hidden Ability protects the Pokemon from status conditions when sunlight is harsh or extremely harsh.
The new Pumpkaboo is also rare because it possesses the Insomnia Hidden Ability, something that cannot be gained in the game.
Found (words from the Artist's San Francisco Arts Commission proposal) completing this project will make solid my commitment my ability to educate this hidden epidemic among Indigenous women build & strengthen Indigenous & Native women NOT victims vital women completing this project will overcome thrive make solid my commitment this epidemic my ability to build & strengthen hidden women moons make solid my commitment completing these women NOT victims vital women make solid my commitment thrive give back this hidden ability give The same ideas and words can be reordered, revisited, and reconsidered, yielding discovery and new meaning.
They are still being hunted and haunted; but this time it's because of a hidden ability to control gargoyles that no other human has.
I feel that everyone has goodness inside them, they just have to harness that hidden ability and embrace it for the greater good, no matter where they come from.
IMAGER'S CHALENGE offers a fine new novel in the Imager portfolio and follows IMAGER, which introduced one Rhennthyl, whose hidden ability to visualize things and make them real leads to fine adventure.
Nathan has turned on his own kind and is secretly working with the government to round up anyone with any hint of hidden ability. The US sci-fi favourite returned to BBC 2 this week and saw Hiro and Co on the run.
It wasn't until I was given access to a computer when I moved schools that I realised that I had a hidden ability! That said cars are still a great passion