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HIPSHome Information Pack
HIPSHigh Impact Polystyrene
HIPSHost Intrusion Prevention System (aka Host Intrusion Protection System)
HIPSHide in Plain Site
HIPSHost Based Intrusion Prevention System
HIPSHorizontal in Plane Switching
HIPSHelping Individual Prostitutes Survive (Washington, DC)
HIPSHidden in Plain Sight
HIPSHomeland Innovative Prototypical Solutions
HIPSHigh Integrity Protection System
HIPSHigh Performance Switch (IBM)
HIPSHuman Information Processing Survey (brain hemisphere preference)
HIPSHyperspectral Image Processing System
HIPSHull Integrity Procedures
HIPSHydrographic In-House Processing System
HIPSHave Information Processing System
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Hidden in Plain Sight (978-0-692-76868-6) will be released on September 13 but is available for pre-sale now at Amazon.
This one is hidden in plain sight with just a green light at the top of a staircase above the street.
If so, it's well worth a second trip through to see how skillfully all the clues are hidden in plain sight.
It soon becomes clear, however, that she simply has an eye for fortuitous connections hidden in plain sight.
In typical paradoxical fashion, he hints that spiritual truth--life's greatest treasure--would be found where we'd least suspect it, hidden in plain sight, if only we have eyes to see.
So much of our family's history is hidden in plain sight," says Grosskopf.
If you've read ``The DaVinci Code,'' and my mysterious mental powers tell me most of you have, then you know that secret messages are best hidden in plain sight.
I mean: of course, the truth could be there, hidden in plain sight on the Fox All-White-Trash-Nation TV Network.