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HIEIHealthcare Information Exchange and Interoperability
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6) The sacred Buddhist mountain of Mount Hiei, near Kyoto, Japan, was the sight of a major interfaith event on August 34, 1987, on the occasion of the 1,200th anniversary of the founding of Mount Hiei and in continuation of the spirit of the World Day of Prayer that was held in October, 1986, in Assisi.
The difference between a Level 3 HIEI or healthcare data is that it contains formatted data with field definitions down to the field level; however, the actual content of the field remains unregulated.
Tokyo-based real estate company Hiei Sangyo has filed with the Tokyo District Court for special liquidation, becoming the sixth largest corporate bankruptcy this year with about 450 billion yen in liabilities, a private credit research institute said Monday.
His force included the battleships Hiei and Kirishima, a light cruiser, and six destroyers.
The first DDH was Haruna (see figure 3), commissioned in February 1973; in November 1974, when the second, IS Hiei (DDH 142), was commissioned, Escort Division 51 was organized; Hiei and Haruna joined its Escort Flotilla 1.
Hiei focused on efforts within Takemoto targeted to the identification of nucleants that can increase the semi-durables market penetration of PLA.
Hiei, Boston: Shambala; and Ludvik, Catherine, 2006, "In the Service of the Kaihogyo Practitioners of Mt.
Cost/benefit data for improved HIEI were developed, according to this study, using a panel of experts and a review of the literature--which was unfortunately limited by the lack of real-world implementations of standardized, interoperable systems in healthcare.
Hiei, which straddles Kyoto and Shiga prefectures in western Japan, they said.
With his charisma, energy and practical experience (including many years of practising Buddhism of the Tendai school in the celebrated monastery under Hiei Mountain in Kyoto), inspired and helped to arrange not only this particular meeting, but all the previous meetings between the Schola Gregoriana and Tendai monks in Prague and Japan.
He had been staying with Teika in the sixth month due to a lack of food at his temple, and returned to Hiei on 6.