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HIELHealth Information East London (UK)
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Resins suppliers are being pushed towards increased functionality and high-performance products, according to Hiel at Arkema.
Raymond Hiel, of KSB Service LLC, added that the KSB's expansion plans at Kizad are expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2013.
1993; Roets & Van Hiel, 2007; Roets, Van Hiel, & Cornells, 2006) have demonstrated the powerful effects of this trait variable on decision making.
In January, Editor Frank Craig sent reporter Betsy Hiel and photojournalist Justin Meriman to Pakistan for six weeks to cover the aftermath of Benizar Bhutto's assassination and the upcoming parliamentary election.
Contacts (Bookrunners): ABN AMRO, Lara Galliers, +44-207-678-0361; Bank of Ireland, Peter Mullen, +44-207-560-8475; DnB NOR, Kristi Birkeland, +47-22-01-78-15; ING, Digna Hiel, +31-20 5651150
Several research studies indicated that males liked to use fact-oriented language (Savicki, Kelley, & Lingenfelter, 1996), rhetorical questions (Herring, 1993), and were more outcome-oriented (Van Hiel & Schittekatte, 1998).
As Pawlet (77) historian Hiel Hollister eloquently observed in 1867, "[n]ext to providing themselves a shelter and the most common necessaries of life, our fathers, true to the institutions in which they had been reared, directed their attention to the interests of education.
The shrinking size of electronic devices is also leading to a shift away from encapsulation and towards conformal coatings for some applications, according to Lord Corporation's global marketing manager John Hiel.
Their tries came from flanker Matt Kember and wing Frank Hiel while Matt Birch kicked four penalties and a conversion.
Van Hiel says that the costs have become so prohibitive that more and more businesses, not just foundries, are moving out of the Golden State.
We are currently developing new distributed, IP-based technology, which allows us to automatically hand-off aircraft between facilities and offer improved and timely display of weather information to controllers," said Jim Hiel, manager, CAATS Life Cycle, NAV CANADA.